ONE Anomaly Management

ONE-Rig_MouseSMALLIQ Integrity’s ONE Anomaly Management information software system adds workflow, process control and tasking actions to anomaly repair register principles, providing a common standard solution for integrity engineers within the Oil & Gas Industry.

In use offshore in the North Sea since 2010, ONE has provided a fresh and simple to use perspective on the tracking and anomaly management of corrosion and other defects; from discovery to safe closeout with complete visibility and history.

Hands up! I have a vested interest since I help run the company, however: all our clients say that there is nothing else like ONE out there.

Which is great because they all specified what they needed and we built it – with a large chunk of dispassionate logic to standardise the workflow and enable huge benefits without them doing any serious lifting.

ONE as a system grows all the time, we just finished a Verification module, and with the RBA module, ONE now covers all the asset lifecycle elements – then we will continue expanding functionality based on feedback from our users – not just anomaly management.

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