IQ Integrity Asset Integrity Management

ONE-Rig_MouseSMALLIQ Integrity’s ONE Asset Integrity Management information software system adds workflow, process control and tasking actions to anomaly repair register principles.

This provides a common standard solution for integrity engineers across the Oil & Gas Industry.

In use offshore in the North Sea since 2010, ONE has provided a fresh and simple to use perspective on the tracking and anomaly management of corrosion and other defects; from discovery to safe closeout with complete visibility and history.

Operating since 2010, currently with 4 clients covering 21 assets and nearly 2000 authorised user accounts.


IQ Integrity built a simple web based temporary repair register for anomalies in 2009. However on demonstrating the concept to industry we realised that the requirement was for a complete and generically standard anomaly management system.

After discussing the idea with many integrity engineers across the operators in Aberdeen, we built a generic anomaly management system from all their collated wish lists and suggestions which exceeded all the capabilities requested.

Dispassionate Logic & Best Practice

ONE_250pixComing from outside a traditional oil & gas background, we developed a ‘dispassionate logic’ about how anomalies should be managed in a standard, transparent, inclusive and cohesive manner: which may sometimes not be seen as ‘traditional’.

Our unique anomaly wizard process helps ensure the data which needs to be recorded is and, combines all repair, fabric maintenance, hydrocarbon, leak and replacement type anomaly task registers into a single record for each anomaly to help ensure a complete picture for asset integrity management.

Effectiveness & Compliance


Crucially, once an anomaly is created it is visible, cannot be lost or forgotten and has mandatory steps that must be followed to close it out: even if it has been entered in error. Clients have been known to login the HSE Inspector and give them free reign.

The entire anomaly history is available in an audit trail with the time/date and username of the person who added information or made changes. ONE has an array of live reports and automated monthly trend charts, developed over the years to satisfy client output requirements.

Moving from typical industry spread sheet registers to the ONE system has revolutionised anomaly management and other integrity elements for our clients. There is always the implementation pain of change for a few weeks as everyone gets used to ONE, but now literally at the click of a button, clients can immediately demonstrate that their issues are being managing safely with all details and supporting documentation, images and video clips available within the anomaly record.

Knowledge & Upgrades

000012167594This promotes standard best practice and functions for asset integrity management as the central knowledge base for open and closed anomalies across a client’s entire topside/subsea/onshore asset base, all within a single application.

IQ Integrity relies on user feedback to highlight new and augmented features which would be useful across the user base and these are added to system functionality on a regular basis.

Compared to 2009/2010, the original temporary repair register is now significantly upgraded but is still less than 5% of the available functionality.

Client Base

TSOWe have four UK clients on recurring contracts, where ONE is the only anomaly management system for topside assets, together with some subsea infrastructure and onshore terminals.

ONE enables anomaly management on all asset types for all disciplines whether it’s pressure containment, maintenance, mechanical, structural or fabric maintenance.

  • Apache North Sea:
    • Forties Field: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo and Forties Subsea & Pipelines
    • Beryl Field: Alpha, Bravo, Beryl Subsea & Pipelines and the SAGE pipeline
    • SAGE gas terminal
  • Centrica Storage
    • Rough Field: 47/8A and 47/3B & Subsea pipelines
    • Easington gas terminal
  • Premier Oil
    • Balmoral semi-submersible
    • Balmoral Subsea & Pipelines infrastructure
  • TAQA Bratani
    • North Cormorant, Cormorant Alpha, Eider & Tern
    • Harding

Secure & Flexible


ONE is designed to be online and secure, built to be flexible, adaptable, scalable and interact with other systems if required.

The ONE asset integrity management system was developed to meet the needs of many varied users, so naturally it is like a box of meccano – ONE AIM can be bolted together whichever way your process dictates.

Or we can bend it to fit the corners for whichever functionality and asset integrity management workflow you use or need for pressure containment, vessels, structural, mechanical or subsea equipment.

All terminology and phrases are configurable as well. So whether you call it an anomaly, an MCDR, a defect or a deviation – it’s a non-conformance of some description that must be tracked to a safe conclusion.

Non Anomaly Functionality

In addition to the ONE anomaly management system, IQ Integrity provides intuitive solution options for other elements of asset integrity management, including;

Component Asset Register

ONE-Globe_SmallFeaturedImageThis is the foundation of ONE’s functionality.

The asset register stores all component items in a hierarchical structure with an unlimited quantity and format of attributes. Enables document storage against component tags, repeat maintenance tasks, condition monitoring as well as anomaly tasks: everything hinges of the component record.

Compared to most asset register software products, ONE is 100% configurable and does not shoehorn you into a software designer’s view of ‘how it should be done’. You can use it at a high level, or enter sub-components down to the flange seal and wingnuts, it’s your choice.

We are not the integrity engineers – that’s your job – so we built a system which is totally configurable to meet your requirements. If ONE can’t do it, we will tweak it so it does.

Subsea anomaly add-on

Adds functionality for unique damage types, multiple gps point storage to track spans and other details related to a single anomaly which covers a wider area. Separate anomaly detail types and functions can be stored to enable subsea specific functions, while in the same system as topside defects.

Critical Plant Tracker


A simple status recording option to monitor the status of selected critical components, which displays status visually on site specific dynamic dashboards. Each dashboard has multi layer groups to organise your equipment by purpose, with options to display systems and locations as well.

Easy to use and provides seamless integration with component tasking and document storage for maintenance and other operations.

Verification Management module

ONEworld_map_diagramA complete end-to-end system which manages the verification tasks associated to the assurance routines and performance standards stored in ONE.

Actions arising from verification tasks are created as tasks on site specific performance standards or to sites or fields as a whole if applicable.

This enables your client standard, workflow transparency and extreme visibility of current and outstanding actions. ONE Verification replaces 3rd party and legacy systems so you are in charge of your own data no matter who the contractor is.

Consult Groups

Template triggered signoff routines for anomalies, requiring input from all associated business elements per issue type.

RBA Module

A deceptively simple, highly configurable framework to record engineering judgement using a wizard based workflow to determine risk and inspection frequency on any equipment type in the ONE component database. Replaces typical legacy spread sheet and other RBA/RBI functionality.


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